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Welcome to Children's Guide!

Hi! I'm Julia and Children's Guide is my "other baby".

I have three sons, Jonah, 20, Felix, 10 and Sebastian, 8 – yes, a bit of an age gap! We also have two family friends, Connor, 20 and Doug, 20, who have been living with us for some time, plus Jade, 20 who recently moved out after living with us for 5 years.

Despite the age gaps, our extended tribe is very close. We do a lot of things together, sometimes it’s just me and the kids, we also travel with other families.

Mr Guide, whilst incredibly supportive, has very little to do with Children's Guide (other than enjoying travel and outings) and is busy with his own work plus being a very hands-on dad.

With two dogs, large craft cupboard, experimental kitchen and something of a vege patch, we have an eclectic and happy home in Sydney.

A few years ago, I wrote “Children’s Guide”, a little book for Sydney parents about local resources, business and places to take the kids. It won a little award and I was motivated and determined to build a national website based on the 4 main sections of the book – Safe, Healthy, Nurtured and Happy. I had my own event management company, but I gradually worked less on events and was winding the business down as I was becoming more excited about Children’s Guide.

I researched and researched and researched. I spoke with businesses and councils and parents. I attended trade and parenting fairs and did a lot of leg-work and online exploration to understand the different types of communities around Australia and needs of parents.

I took my family to a lot of places, venues and events, in Australia and overseas.

As I was trying to formulate all my research and experiences into a business plan, I realised that what the family and I really loved the most was just getting out and about – discovering new places and having new experiences.

When I would try to write about something I found that the words flowed most freely about places and experiences rather than safety issues, health matters or general thoughts. Plenty of other parents and writers find it easier to communicate these issues so I’m happy to share their articles on social media while focusing my writing on travel.

Most of our family are either interstate or in country NSW so the kids have done long-distance road trips and been flying since just a few months old. They are fantastic travellers and always ready to discover somewhere new.

While we do like a certain amount of comfort, I am a bargain hunter and like to stretch my travel dollar as far as possible. I’m prepared to spend time doing research to find the best value in transport, accommodation, events and experiences. We prefer to travel light and are gradually becoming better at minimal packing.

As well as travel and adventures, fresh whole foods and cooking from scratch is very important to us and we love experimenting in the kitchen, plus doing craft so I will occasionally write about both our successes and mishaps in these areas.

Mostly, I just want to share amazing places, adventures, discoveries and tips to inspire other families to get out and about.

Happy travels!


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