Activity review - Family Pirate Cruise on Sydney Harbour

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day which is also celebrated in Australia in support of Childhood Cancer Support.

We are definitely a Piratical family!

As soon as you walk into our house one of the first things you'll see is the kids' pirate fort.

Our home library has a modest but dedicated section just for pirate related books and puzzles which are firm favourites and accessed regularly. 

 The boys (and, ahem, even I!) have pirate costumes which have been worn on many occasions. 

So on a previous school holiday when the Australian National Maritime Museum advertised a Family Pirate Cruise around Sydney Harbour, we didn't hesitate and purchased tickets immediately. 

This was one of the best (awesome, sensational, swashbuckling) days out that we've had - the kids still remember it and enjoy looking at the photos. If you ever have the opportunity to take part in such a cruise - GO!! Maritime museums around the country as well as some sailing and cruise companies offer pirate cruises as school holiday or summer activities. See below the pictures for some links.

The cruise we went on was organised by the Maritime Museum and set on board the Tall Ship Southern Swan. It was a day of pirate lessons, sailing around Sydney Harbour, on board sausage sizzle and lots of growling and pirate talk!

Preparin' to go on the account for a day of adventure. Where be our ship? 
Ahoy. Thar be the grand Swan!

How to train your pirate parrot. Ship board mateys and Jolly Rogers aplenty. 
Sprogs about to learn the sweet trade - not for the lily-livered!

Hoistin' the sails. Gentlemen of fortune about to take the Bridge.

Scrubbin' the decks but happy singing a pirate ditty.

Be ye a lass or a buccaneer? Certainly no wench! She'll bring this ship in to shore. 
Avast! Time to return to the landlubber life, with a fine booty of dubloons.

Some pirate activities found online today (none are sponsored). Can you add more? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. This is a great and fun adventure for children and experiencing to be a pirate in one day is awesome. Is this Pirate Cruise in Sydney is also available in adult category? Just wondering.