We have been evicted - YAY!

This is all the space they once needed!!
We've been evicted. We received our Notice of Termination while the boys and I were away but Mr Guide waited until we got back to tell me.

No, we are not awful tenants (though our neighbours who have to listen to me singing at the top of my voice as I prepare dinner each evening might be breathing a sigh of relief....)

Our landlord's daughter is getting married and getting the house which means the front door for us.

However, I'm kind of glad to be moving. We've been in this house for 5 years - 3 bedrooms plus office/sunroom, separate but large lounge and dining rooms, very small kitchen, 1 bathroom, large backyard. When we moved in we had three boys aged 14, 4 and 1. 

Now the boys are 18, nearly 9 and 6 plus we have an extra person (also now 18 and my office by day is her room by night) as well as two dogs. We have more stuff, and the stuff the kids need is now bigger. A drawer which would once fit 4-5 small pairs of jeans now fits only 2 larger pairs and they're still growing. Both the younger ones now have school and sports uniforms, bags, readers, lunchboxes and more. Their extension beds have been pulled out to full single bed length. Baby toys have been culled but those few plastic tubs have been replaced with more wardrobes and a desk. The teens have just finished Year 12 but items required for tertiary studies are even more demanding on space.

This house has been a lovely home but we are squished and I'm glad it's time to go. I actually suggested to Mr Guide about a year ago that we should find somewhere larger but he was disinclined to move. Now the decision has been made for us and I'm relieved. As much as we're looking forward to decades of stressing over paying off a mortgage before we apply for the pension, we're not quite ready to buy yet so for now we will continue to rent. 

For the past fortnight I've been looking at rentals which will accommodate 6 people, a home office, two dogs, two cars, six bikes, a hand-me-down kayak, 21 bookcases/cabinets (yes!!) and the rest. I shortlisted potential homes in the area and went into exactly 10 of them. The 8 within our budget which were described as spacious homes, an entertainers delight were smaller that what we have now. One didn't have a yard, another only offered a 6 month lease.

The two I looked at which were way out of our budget but I wanted to gawk at were also unsuitable even if we could afford them - one had a completely paved backyard and I think the dogs would prefer grass over all the marble and the 5 bathrooms, and the other had lots and lots of very small, dark, boxy rooms over 3 levels accessed by narrow stairs with smelly carpet.

Then I made an appointment to look at house number 11. Funny enough, it was the very first house I looked at online 2 weeks ago - the teens and I noticed the photos immediately saying wow, wouldn't it be amazing to live in a house like that. But I thought it would be too far away from school so after briefly fantasising about how many pairs of shoes I could fit into the walk in wardrobe I closed the window and gave it no more thought.

Following further searches, we realised that the rent for anything we could fit into in the area where we now live equaled an annual budget for all the school lunches of a small country, and we knew we had to move a little further away. So I expanded my suburb search and shortlisted again, and this time the WOW house was at the top of the list. 

I made an appointment to meet the agent there and it took me just over 25 minutes from school drop-off in moderate morning traffic. I loved the house. No, I LOVED it! With traffic the school drive could take half an hour or more. When I drove back the traffic had cleared and it took just under 20 minutes to get to our school's street. Could I drive up to 2 hours each day just for school runs? THAT KITCHEN!!!! Yes, yes I could! The kids could each have their own room, my office would be in part of the open plan area, there is a tidy yard with grass for the pooches. Only slightly higher rent than what we were budgeting but still OK. 

We applied, we got it and we sign the lease next week. Now we're collecting boxes and starting the dreaded cull and pack. This upcoming week is going to be a bit crazy as the boxes start piling around us but we are all excited and can't wait to have some space again.

Cull, pack, move, unpack, breathe....

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  1. Our family made a similar move also recently and takes about 20 minutes to get to school each day. It's worth it because we have more space and can do stuff at home on a bigger scale, like everyone gets invovled in cooking and messy craft, and have stuff that the kids couldn't have before like a yard and we bought a dolls house for the girls. Hope that you are liking your new house and daily travel.