Sandwiches beyond Vegemite on white, crusts off

When it came to sandwiches, we used to have the most difficult time getting Mr 8 to eat any other than Vegemite or peanut butter on white bread with the crusts cut off. 

Even the tiniest bit of crust left on the bread would induce gagging and to even suggest brown or seeded bread would have resulted in hysteria. 

So his daily lunchbox always included Vegemite (nut-free school) on white with no crusts. 

We persisted with encouraging him to try just a nibble, negotiating trying a bit more with the promise of special treats afterwards and eventually Mr 8 (then 7) did eat his crusts. With further persistence he eventually moved onto brown bread (with crust) and now we are a white bread free house.

However, I still thought he needed more variety and protein options in his lunchbox. 

So, at the risk of further gagging and hysteria, we've spent several weekends recently trialing sandwiches for lunch. Each weekend we would make 4-5 different sandwiches and get the kids to try at least one of each and find some combinations that they liked.

Last weekend we made the sandwiches pictured here:
- Egg and mayo with parsley
- Turkey, Camembert and cranberry
- Turkey, tomato, lettuce with BBQ sauce
- Ham with tomato sauce
- Roast chicken and mayo with chives

In previous weekends we also tried other variations of the above plus other fillings such as cheese and ham, cheese and BBQ sauce, ham and tomato, etc.

All credit to Mr 8 - he tried every single sandwich I made, even if some were just a nibble. While Mr 5 will eat anything and Mr 18 was easy growing up, they both enjoyed trying something different also. 

Mr 8 has now identified that he likes cheese & BBQ sauce, roast chook with mayo, and egg sandwiches. Hopefully I'll be able to add one or two more that will also enable me to use up roast leftovers or have fillings (such as hard boiled eggs) ready in the fridge. It also gives him more options if he has a play and lunch at a friend's house. 

And what happened recently when I'd run out of everything and gave him a Vegemite sandwich? "Mum, that's boring!"

Seeded bread, here we come....

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