Mothers Day Cards and Craft Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner and for all the beautiful cards and gifts available to buy, I think that nothing says "I love you" more than a handmade card.

Kids love making cards for someone special and you can see just how much of their hearts they're pouring into a card as they think about the person that they're making it for. Now that's love!

Here are some great card ideas to try.

I love this idea from A Day In My Life

You can play with so many different variations of this. Make the message inside big enough to hug mum all the way around. Add photos on the hands. Write your own message on the folded part telling mum just how much she is loved. Place the cutout hands onto cutout shaped hearts, flowers or something else mum loves. Keep it beautifully simple like this example or add some bling or your own personal touch.

This is such a sweet idea from The Craft Nest.

You can personalise it further by adding names near each heart, pasting a small photo in the centre of each heart or drawing detail to turn the hearts into flowers or balloons.

If you prefer handprints to fingerprints, then this idea from Glued to my Crafts might be for you.

Use mum's favourite colours for the flowers, add more handprints for a larger bouquet, or create it in a garden setting!

Another simple but very effective card idea from Hands On As We Grow.

Play around with other shapes and printed papers.

If you are feeling particularly crafty, there are 18 card ideas by Martha Stewart.

These range from quite simple to those for the more experienced crafter. But all are lovely!

These canvases from Mod Podge Rocks can be turned into cards or framed and put on the wall.

Perhaps you can start a tradition of doing one for each child each year and compare how much their hands have grown!

If mum is more into bags than flowers or handprints, then Sassy Dealz has this great idea.

Create the bag in mum's favourite colour or print and include coupons or vouchers that she can trade in during the day or week.

Have a happy Mother's Day and happy crafting!

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