Robot Razzle Dazzle

We are a house of boys and robots are a definite fascination (though not quite obsession).

This activity was cheap and easy with a few simple items from around the house and craft box.

The boys enjoyed creating their own robot and even I had fun taking part.

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We regularly save cardboard and rolls which come in handy when we decide to do robot craft. The glitter, coloured match sticks, goggle eyes, black craft paper, glue and scissors were already in the craft cupboard and foil from the kitchen. The only thing we bought was the corrugated card from the discount shop for $2.50 with plenty left over for future craft activities.

The boys cut the cardboard and rolls into various sized rectangles and triangles. I cut the foil into squares slightly larger than the cardboard shapes.

We experimented with the cardboard shapes until we each had a simple design for our own robots. 
We then covered our selected shapes with foil (because the boys said robots had to be shiny) with just a small dab of glue on the back of each shape to hold the foil in place.

The corrugated card was cut into small squares and rectangles of various sizes. These along with the match sticks and goggle eyes were used to add features to our robots.

Mr 5 and I wanted to add a bit of bling with a glitter boarder. Mr 8 wanted to keep his simple. We brushed some glue along each side of the black craft paper and sprinkled on the glitter.

Nothing goes to waste at our place. The excess glitter was gently shaken off the craft and funneled back into the container. The leftover card shapes and foil squares were put in a small container and back into the craft cupboard for later use.

Ta da! Left to right - Mr 5's, Mr 8's and mine. Not quite a robot army, we all thought these robots were very cute with sparkly personalities!

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