Rip, tear, mix and match collage

This was an activity that started as a small idea for a quick bit of cutting and pasting, but grew to something that the kids were keen to do over a few days. 

They made it up as they went along, with absolutely no rules about what should be added to each page. We don't know how large this is going to be, or how the end result will look, as the kids still want to add more panels to include "snow", "night", "town" and "park". 

The great thing about this is that they can add as much or as little as desired, whenever the mood grabs them.

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The kids were too busy checking out the new foam stickers to smile for me! The items from our craft cupboard, clockwise: various glues, scissors, textas (also some pencils and crayons not pictured) foam animal stickers, mini coloured ice-block sticks, coloured match sticks, goggle eyes, pom poms, A4 craft paper in various colours, stencils (pictures found online and pasted into a word document for grouping and printing), felt in various colours, tissue paper cut into strips, fish print craft paper cut into strips.

More ideas for craft items can be found here.

Tearing strips of coloured craft paper and gluing onto more craft paper, colouring in and cutting out stencils. The boys were loving this and you could have heard a pin drop for how much they were concentrating!

Torn green craft paper glued onto light blue paper for grass. Lion and flower stencils coloured, cut and glued. Hand drawn tiger, steak, "baby tree", tree trunk and bird. Foam parrot, blue bird and snake. Match stick leaves.

Coloured in stencils, torn paper for tree trunk, grass and water, felt clouds, tissue paper leaves and waves. The dragon fly is my contribution, the boys coloured the rest.

Mr 5 insisted on glueing a fish in the crocodile's mouth!

Still in progress, the beach hut is my handiwork. 

The story so far....

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