Gift wrap sail boats

Following Mr 8's last birthday party, I simply bundled the various gift wraps, put them in the back of the cupboard with other gift wraps and the intention of coming up with a craft idea, then promptly forgot all about it for months!

When we sorted through the craft cupboard recently we were surprised to see all the gift wrap (oh yeah - that's right!) and decided to make colourful sail boats.

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As well as the gift wraps and tissue paper we also grabbed the corrugated card we bought for the robots craft, blue paint, glue (we ended up only using PVA craft glue - not pictured), small coloured craft sticks and paper from a large sketch pad. I also grabbed some mini white paper doilies thinking I'd make a boat with lacey sails which I didn't end up doing.

We watered down the blue paint and the boys painted the top half of the paper

The craft glue was watered down a bit and brushed to cover the bottom half of the paper.

A sheet of left-over blue tissue paper was cut in half and each of the boys lined up the sides of the tissue paper to the craft paper then ran their hands along it to flatten it out over the glue on the page.

This created a kind of watery-wavey effect. Can you see where we're going with this?

The canvases with water and sky were put aside to dry a bit (this seems to be the only purpose of our stools these days) and the boys started cutting their choice of gift wrap into various sized triangles. 

The corrugated craft board was cut into trapezoid shapes for the boat hulls and pasted on the "water". 

The boys selected some craft sticks for the masts and glued these down with their gift wrap triangles for sails. Both scrunched up white tissue paper for clouds. Mr 5 added a bright yellow sun to shine on his straight line of boats, while Mr 8 added a bolt of lightning for the boats rocking on the waves.

Perhaps not high art, but they had fun and I think all their boats rock!

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