Dunlop Reserve Playground, Birkenhead Point, Drummoyne NSW

Roseby Street, Birkenhead Point, Drummoyne  NSW  2046 

Activities and play areas
This is a lovely ship themed park at the end of the Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre peninsula. It's a great way to burn off some energy before getting the shopping done. It's a small playground suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and perhaps younger primary school children.
Playground ground cover: Bark chips.
Paths: There are walking paths across Dunlop Reserve leading around the playground, along the shoreline, past the marina to the stairs leading up to the food court. OK for kids bikes.
Sand and water play (non swim): The playground is near the small beach at Salton Reserve and Drummoyne Sailing Club.
Swimming: Not suitable for swimming.
Large open grassed area: Yes, grassed areas between the shoreline and shopping centre.

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Family space
Benches and seating: Two benches within the playground, five more just outside, others throughout the reserve.
BBQs: No.
Picnic tables: A lunch / eating area leading up to the Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre.
Taps and drinking fountains: Unsure
Dogs allowed: No

Opening times: N/A
Fencing: Fenced with a safety gate.
Shading: Some shading provided by trees.
Toilets: Within Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre.
Rubbish bins / recycling: General waste bins.
Signs, restrictions: Unsure
Power and lights: No.

Cafe / kiosk / restaurant: Food court, cafes and restaurants within the Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre. Drummoyne Sailing Club is also nearby.
Gift shop: Variety of stores within Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre.
Mini-trains or other rides: Not outdoors, a couple of the usual coin operated rides in Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre.
Attractions, places of interest: Walking around the marina and looking at the boats and yachts.

Getting there
Parking: Limited street parking. Lots of parking within Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre, first 4 hours free, some parent parking, disabled parking on each level. Casual berths available at the marina for those lucky enough to be travelling by yacht.
Public transport: Closest public transport are buses which travel along Victoria Road, Drummoyne - 500 series. Water taxis to the marina.
Wheelchair access: Disabled parking at Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre, ramps leading down to the reserve.

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