Bicentennial Park - Jubilee Park, Annandale - Glebe, NSW

Chapman Road, Annandale  NSW  2038

Activities and play areas
We had a great morning at this hidden gem - our entry into the playground slightly delayed as we happened to park the car next to an ice-cream truck! This expansive area is actually two adjoining parks enabling play in the enclosed playground or enjoying the grassy surrounds.

Playground ground cover: bark chips and sand in the playground, paths and grass in the parks.
Paths: there are small paths within the enclosed playground as well as cycling paths throughout both parks. 
Sand and water play (non swim): There is a sandpit within the playground which also includes two diggers. Located on Rozelle Bay with a canal separating the two parks, there is no fencing along the foreshore. Wide stairs lead to the water where dogs are allowed.
Swimming: Not suitable for swimming, dog owners tend to dip their feet into the water.
Large open grassed area: Yes, large open grassed areas in both parks with paths crossing the canal.

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Family space
Benches and seating: Limited. There are a couple of benches within the playground. Some stone fencing and raised garden beds.
BBQs: Unsure.
Picnic tables: A picnic shelter just outside of the playground.
Taps and drinking fountains: Unsure
Dogs allowed: Yes - a very popular dog park.

Opening times: N/A
Fencing: The playground is fenced with a safety gate. No fencing along the bay or canal.
Shading: Shade sails over some of the playground equipment and shading throughout the parks provided by trees.
Toilets: Yes, near Jubilee oval.
Rubbish bins / recycling: General waste bins.
Signs, restrictions: Unsure
Power and lights: Unsure.

Cafe / kiosk / restaurant: Approximately 10 or 15 minute stroll along the water front of Rozelle Bay to the Blackwattle Cafe. Glebe Point Road ends at the park although it is several long blocks uphill before the shops and cafes begin.
Gift shop: No.
Mini-trains or other rides: No.
Attractions, places of interest: The Blackwattle Cafe is within the heritage building, Bellevue Cottage, which occasionally holds art exhibitions. Views across Rozelle Bay to the ANZAC Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Getting there
The playground and car park entrance is behind a timber and hardware yard and not visible from the street. There is occasional noise from the timber yard.
Parking: Limited car park on Chapman Road. Some surrounding street parking.
Public transport: Jubilee Park light rail stop at the south end near the oval. Buses a little further up Glebe Point Road.
Wheelchair access: The small car park near the playground as well as some of the surrounding street parking run alongside the footpaths. The paths throughout the parks are wide and flat.

Have you been to this park? Let us know what you thought. 

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